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Mercato Madness: Bruno Uvini nears Sporting Lisbon transfer

Hopefully Bruno Uvini hasn't unpacked his bags, because he's about to go to Portugal.

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

After a couple days of fairly intense rumors, it looks like Bruno Uvini is about to be an ex-Napoli player.

Take it away, Gianluca Di Marzio:

The future of Bruno Uvini appears to be in Portugal. The Napoli defender is closer to Sporting Lisbon, who have surpassed the competition from Palermo. His suitcase is ready, and his final destination will be known soon. Lisbon awaits him, with Uvini ready to say goodbye to Naples.
[-ed. note: Translation cleaned up for readability]

So Palermo, who want Uvini to help replace Ezequiel Munoz, aren't entirely out of the game yet, but it's looking more and more like Uvini will soon be wearing green and white stripes, not pink.

As we said yesterday when Sporting first were mooted as a destination, Sporting make a lot of sense as a fit for Uvini. The league fits him better, he knows the language better, and he'll likely have more and better opportunities to succeed than he would have with Napoli.

This seems like an awful lot of fuss for a player who's barely featured for Napoli and isn't part of the club's plans, but at least it seems like Uvini is going to the best place for him. Hopefully Napoli can wrest away a decent fee for him to invest in another defender.