What a joke of a blog this is

Napoli just beat Juventus in Turin for the first time in nearly 10 years with a Juve-esque 90th minute header and this blog still has no reaction to it whatsoever. This blog hasn't even been updated in months! I can't even remember the last time this blog had regular contributions.

As somebody who likes most sbnation blogs I have to say this one in particular is an utter embarrassment to Napoli fans. Seeing a regularly active Roma and Juve blog is just a further twisting of that knife.

When this blog was first started under Kirsten it had a lot of promise and even some decent posts from time to time. Conor has been awful as the head of this blog since he took over. His deadpan style and zero passion posts are the ANTITHESIS of what a Napoli blog should be. A Napoli blog needs passion, it needs bias, it needs to reflect its fans for goodness sake! How on earth has this blog been up for so long and not even a single post mocking Juventus' CL failures or giving a proper tactical analysis to Sarrismo? No joking posts referencing the SuperSarriBros? This blog is treated by Conor as a chore and that is a great shame. What a joke!

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