Whoever reffed the Inter-Napoli game at the Meazza should never officiate a Napoli game ever again. If he does, I would not even think about watching the game. Koulibaly's red card today was disgraceful and unacceptable. How do you expect a player to be calm when fans in the stadium are chanting racist stuff and making monkey sounds at him? If that was me, I would be definitely pissed and Koulibaly was rightfully so. I get that he disrespected the ref by sarcastically clapping at him but the fans had already disrespected him in a more offensive way. The ref knew what Koulibaly was going through the whole game but he refused to take action and instead he gave him a red card after his emotions ran high. How does that solve the issue of racism in Italian soccer? Shameful from the ref and the Inter fans. Also it's really sad to see Neapolitans getting stabbed outside the stadium today for supporting our club. This shit needs to stop. Let's move on from this loss and finish strong. FORZA NAPOLI!

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