Napoli 5 Empoli 1

While I only saw the second half of the match, when the side were already up 2-0. The team were very efficient from the amount of possestion. I feel that Empoli's goal could have been avoided. Maksimovic played Caputo on, but wasn't exactly close to him. To make matters worse he soon gave up the chase while Koulibaly at least tried to pressure the striker. The second Mertens goal was clever to say the least, and with PSG coming up midweek, hopefully this great form from him will continue on for at least another week. Milik added a nice goal in the 90th minute, showing off his acumen to stay onside as defenders kept getting pulled out of shape.

One stat from the game that I did find surprising is that Napoli didn't have a corner kick at all in this match. Considering the number of chances they created I would have imagined that they would have had at least one. But seeing Mertens punish Empoli with his third and the match ball after their last corner was cleared showed that despite his age, he's still got the pace to still punish back lines who are playing a high line.

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