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Arkadiusz Milik scores his first two Napoli goals against AC Milan

It took just 18 minutes into his first start to find the back of the net, and then he made it a brace.

SSC Napoli v OGC Nice Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Just 18 minutes into his first start for Napoli, Arkadiusz Milik has scored his first goal for his new club, giving them a 1-0 lead after winning a scramble in front of goal.

It was Dries Mertens unleashing the shot that Gianluigi Donnarumma had to do well to save, but the rebound fell neatly to Arek Milik, who finished just as neatly to become the first ever Polish player to score a goal for Napoli in Serie A action. That’s not a bad accomplishment, kid.

The goal was also another sign of just how valuable Milik’s movement off the ball is. It’s hard to see from the angles used in that video, but he just smoothly works his way up behind the Milan defender to stay onside and get close to goal, and when the ball dropped it took a half-second’s adjustment to get himself into position to shoot. He never stops moving and pushing and working to get into advantageous positions for his team, and that is just massively valuable in an attack like Napoli’s.

UPDATE: And it turns out Milik thinks scoring goals is so nice he had to do it twice:

More please.