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Serie A unveils 2016/17 schedule, Napoli host AC Milan in first big test

The Serie A schedule has been drawn, and Napoli have a massive match early in the season.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

The Serie A fixture list has been released, and Napoli now know what their schedule looks like for the upcoming season. Their first match of the season will be against one of the newly promoted sides

From there, though, the season gets more difficult. Napoli host AC Milan in week 2, then have a tougher-than-it-looks run against Palermo, Bologna, and Genoa over the next three weeks. The eighth matchday brings Napoli's first big rivalry match of the season, with the Derby del Sole against Roma being played at the Stadio San Paolo.

That match kicks off a tricky stretch of the season for Napoli, playing Juventus away in matchday 11, followed by a run of matches against Lazio, Udinese, Sassuolo, and Inter Milan. That's going to be a brutally difficult stretch of the season, probably the hardest of the season for Napoli, and how they do in that run of matches will show us just how good this team is -- and how far they have yet to go to improve themselves.

Overall, it's a fairly tough schedule for Napoli. They'll start and end the season away from home, which is unfortunate, and they don't have any "easy" runs of matches. There's always a tough opponent right around the corner, so their depth and quality will be sorely tested all year long. Hopefully Napoli rise to the occassion.

The full schedule for Napoli is below. In Serie A, once teams play through the first 19 rounds, the schedule goes back to week 1 for the second half of the season, with the home and away locations flipped.

Round Opponent Location
1 Pescara Away
2 AC Milan Home
3 Palermo Away
4 Bologna Home
5 Genoa Away
6 Chievo Verona Home
7 Atalanta Away
8 AS Roma Home
9 Crotone Away
10 Empoli Home
11 Juventus Away
12 Lazio Home
13 Udinese Away
14 Sassuolo Home
15 Inter Milan Home
16 Cagliari Away
17 Torino Home
18 Fiorentina Away
19 Sampdoria Home