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Elseid Hysaj returns from Albania international duty early with injury

This isn't the kind of news Napoli were hoping for.

David Rogers/Getty Images

Bad news, Napoli fans: Elseid Hysaj is coming back from his international tour with Albania early, and it's not for a good reason -- he's coming back injured.

Hysaj reportedly picked up the knock during Albania's 2-1 loss to Austria on Saturday, but requested to stay on. He played all 90 minutes, putting in a solid performance despite the loss -- both of Austria's goals came from the other side of the pitch, and as we usually see in Napoli matches, Hysaj had his area of the field locked down. Now, though, he's hurt and we get to worry about just how bad it is.

He's on his way back to Napoli's Castel Volturno training grounds, and will be evaluated by team medical staff to determine the extent of his injury. We should know more about Hysaj's condition in the next few days.

Napoli have mostly had good luck with injuries this season, one bad spell in the fall aside, but losing Hysaj hurts -- his only backup is Christian Maggio, who has struggled more often than not this season. The Albanian has been quietly excellent all season long Hopefully Hysaj isn't out for long, but this weekend's match against Udinese might be tricky if he's not healthy yet.

Get back to health soon, Esleid. Napoli needs you.