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Marek Hamsik might miss Carpi match with ankle injury

Hamsik sprained his ankle not long before coming off, and doesn't think he'll make the field in Napoli's midweek match.

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The news isn't all good for Napoli coming out of a highly-successful 5-0 mauling of Lazio: Marek Hamsik didn't just leave the match to be protected from an increasingly-rash Lazio midfield and defense, he went off because that rashness had already injured him.

After a challenge, I suffered a sprained left ankle. I didn't want to risk it, and went off.

We'll evaluate my condition, I don't know if I'll be able to play against Carpi.

-Source: Football Italia

God dammit Lazio, you are the worst.

The injury came at some point between Napoli's third and fourth goals, as Lorenzo Insigne's sweet strike took the cork off the bottle of the Aquile's growing frustration, frustration that showed itself in a series of rash and unnecessarily harsh tackles. Hamsik was on the receiving end of a couple of them, and one of those might keep him from playing the midweek match against Carpi.

It was always possible that Hamsik was going to sit that match out anyways -- a fast series of matches before the next international break that includes Juventus this weekend meant he needed to not play one match to stay at his best. But to be forced not to play that match because Lazio got petulant and hurt him really chafes.

Hopefully Hamsik is recovered and good to go by the time Napoli have to play Juventus. Who fills in for him against Carpi is uncertain offhand, since Napoli didn't acquire a clear backup for him this summer despite their efforts to do so. Allan has shown some surprisingly impressive creative ability and ability to get up in support of the attack, so giving him Hamsik's more attacking role and starting David Lopez is the more defensive-minded midfielder is certainly an option.

Get well soon, Marekiaro. Napoli need you.