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Reliving the hilarious past: Aurelio De Laurentiis' scooter escape

Remember this? It's too good not to revisit now and then.

Getty Images/Getty Images

Four years ago today, Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis was at a league meeting for Serie A. Walter Mazzarri was still the manager of the club, and Napoli were coming off a third-place finish in the league. Juventus' seemingly unstoppable title runs hadn't quite started yet, and Napoli were about to jump into their first Champions League campaign since their bankruptcy.

The meeting De Laurentiis was attending was, in part, called to reveal the schedule for the coming season. Suffice to say, it did not go well -- De Laurentiis felt that Napoli were being continuously slighted by the timing of the matches they were facing compared to the other Italian Champions League clubs, and he grew more and more angry as the meeting went on before finally snapping us and giving us this immortal gem of a video:

De Laurentiis wasn't content to just scream up a profane storm at Lega Serie A officials -- "I'm going back to making movies! You're all shits!" -- no, he had to outdo himself. So he walked to the curb, flagged down a passing moped, then got on the back of it and rode away.

This man may have his issues and may stir up controversy every now and then, but... man, sometimes Aurelio De Laurentiis is just great.