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Napoli might have a shot at Jürgen Klopp after all

What was once nothing but wishful thinking supposedly has gotten backing from a pretty big name.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Now this is interesting: according to a report that's slowly filtered out since Borussia Dortmund was beaten by Wolfsburg in the DFB-Pokal final in Germany, Napoli might just have a shot at Jürgen Klopp after all.

Generally seen at best by a long shot at the very best to manage the partenopei, Napoli fans got a huge boost of hope when German legend Franz Beckenbauer apparently told Sky Deutschland that Klopp will "next [season] go to Southern Italy, in Naples." The implication of Beckenbauer's words being, of course, that Klopp will be taking over as Napoli's manager very soon.

That would certainly lend significant credence to recent reports that Napoli is looking at bigger managerial targets than presumed hire Sinisa Mihajlovic if they finish third and get a crack at a Champions League playoff tie. It would be a massive coup for Napoli to land Klopp, possibly even a bigger one than Rafa Benitez was two years ago. He's won two Bundesliga titles and a DFB-Pokal in his time with Dortmund, as well as making the Champions League final just two years ago.

It's still far from guaranteed or finalized that such a move has been made, but of man is it mouth-watering to consider...