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Miguel Britos apologizes for headbutt

Napoli's Uruguayan defender is sorry for lashing out at Alvaro Morata during Saturday's match against Juventus.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Miguel Britos put a sour note on the end of an already-miserable match for Napoli on Saturday, lashing out at Alvaro Morata at the end of the game and gifting Juventus a penalty in the process. The red card didn't matter much at that point with so little time to play, but it was a shockingly unprofessional and disappointing action that's drawn a lot of negative attention to the club.

Now Britos wants you to know how very sorry he is. "I apologise to everyone for my gesture," the Uruguayan proclaimed through the club website. "I know that I was wrong and I’m sorry." No explanations have been offered as to what happened; some believe that Morata said something nasty to Britos that lead to the headbutt, but even if he did that doesn't remotely justify his actions.

Britos will likely face a long Serie A ban for what he did. The standard punishment is three matches, but the Lega Serie A disciplinary committee will likely tack on several more for such a flagrantly violent incident. He could have as many as three more matches if not more added on based on previous such violent conduct incidents, giving him a long stretch out at the start of next season.

Of course, that assumes Napoli will keep Britos. The disappointing defender might have been on the chopping block this summer anyways, but after a display like that, he may have hastened his exit.