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WATCH: Lorenzo Insigne scores first goal since his injury return

We got to share a special moment with Lorenzo Insigne on Sunday, and man was it something.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

It's been a tough season for Lorenzo Insigne. He started off in horrid form, showing none of the guile or confidence in front of goal that made us fall in love with him over the last few years. It took a long time and a lot of boos and jeers, but finally his form started to turn around. He started to play some scintillating football again -- and then his ACL shredded.

Insigne worked his butt off, pushing through his rehab and getting back on the pitch much sooner than anyone thought possible. What's better, he was playing well and without fear, showing none of the rust or shakiness most players coming off an injury do. You could tell that playing for Napoli again, that helping Napoli win again, meant the world to him.

That's why Sunday was so special.

The goal Insigne scored was typical of his heart, drive, and determination. Stole the ball in midfield, made a stuttering run up the pitch and across the face of the defense that typified his intelligence and sheer force of will, and the finish was full of his skill.

But the celebration. Ah, the celebration.

Everything came pouring out. The love, the frustration, the excitement, the heartbreak, the sheer goddamn JOY of the moment, all of it. His tears were left on the pitch, on the fronts of his teammates' jerseys as he embraced them, and all over his face ... and all over our faces, because that was a moment the entire fanbase shared in.

It was a wonderful moment. A magical moment. Something we'd been waiting for, hoping for, imagining and dreaming. Lorenzo Insigne is finally, completely, back.