What Napoli can do to advance to the Europa League semi finals

Napoli had a fantastic start to this Europa League tie against tournament favorites Wolfsburg. The away team scored four crucial away goals and left Germany with their confidence on an all time high. But the tie is not over yet as the teams will play next week in Naples. Here are the things Napoli need to do ensure an advancement to the semi finals.

1. Keep the foot on the gas pedal and kill of this tie early.

Napoli may be up by 3 goals but that doesn't mean they should take the 2nd leg off. Although you should expect Wolfsburg to have more attacking, Napoli should still try to attack and kill of this tie early. A goal in the first 30 minutes can end this. With what we saw with Napoli in the 1st leg, that could happen.

2. Don't attack too much and get burnt

Wolfsburg is dangerous on the counter attack. Despite their horrendous showing, Wolfsburg still have the attacking power to strike early. Napoli cannot be struck on the counterattack. They have to be careful of De Bruyne and Schurrle on the wings and even though Bas Dost has been going through a goal drought, he can score goals. Napoli should be careful.

3. Hamsik and Higuain have to play well

These guys are the two most important players on Napoli's side attacking wise. Hamsik is the key to the Napoli attack and they go as far as he will take them. Higuain is the main man in terms of goal scoring. Both will be key tonight as they must make do of the counter attack for Napoli.

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