Could Martin Skrtel be on his way to Napoli?

As the Rafa Benitez saga wages on, Napoli could be making moves outside of the coach.

While Napoli have been linked to many players, one interesting link is one to Martin Skrtel of Liverpool.

Reports from the Mirror report that the Azzurri are looking at signing the Liverpool defender again after they were denied by Liverpool last summer. The transfer talk of the Slovakian leaving heated up when he said he was not sure about his future at Anfield. It is also worth noting that his contract with Liverpool ends in 12 months and he will not be discussing an extension until after the season.This will surely give Napoli an ample amount of time to devise a plan to get him to Naples if they decide to go after him.

Skrtel would be a good upgrade in the defense for Napoli. He will bring a certain toughness and defending to the team. His ability to head in the ball in on set pieces also seems to be a key part of his game and more threats on set pieces does not hurt. His experience in European games would be a huge boost to the club as well. Skrtel has also shown that he plays with passion for a club and is willing to put his body on the line for his team. There have been countless times where we have seen Skrtel with a taped headband on and still playing for Liverpool. That kind of toughness and passion can have a effect on Napoli and it could inspire the whole team.

While Napoli certainly will almost be focusing on finding a new manager, it does not mean the team should not stop looking for ways to get better. Signing Skrtel would be a great boost for Napoli.

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