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Rafa Benitez skips pre-match day presser, rumors of rejected resignation emerge

Napoli's manager has skipped his regular pre-match radio interview with the team still in the training retreat ordered by Aurelio De Laurentiis, an order that had an unexpected consequence.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Napoli fans have had to face facts over the past few weeks. Things are getting weird. Failure to win matches, score goals, and now a coaching situation that is spiraling downward, and fast.

To add to it, Rafa Benitez has skipped his normal pre-match press conference with Napoli's official radio station, Radio Kiss Kiss. This presser is usually a foregone conclusion to happen every week, but given the turmoil this week, it's not surprising that it hasn't happened

The team has been in an "indefinite training retreat" this week by mandate of owner Aurelio De Laurentiis. There were even reports of a training ground dust up between the owner and the now maligned coach, where Benitez asked to resign, and was told by De Laurentis he would not accept said resignation.

This, obviously, is not good news. But what has been good news this week for Napoli? With coaching rumors swirling, a Silenzio Stampa for most of this week, and this "training retreat", an actual football match might actually be something to distract us from the off the pitch circus.