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Camilo Zuniga returns to full training

More good injury news for Napoli, as Camilo Zuniga has been cleared to begin training fully with the squad again

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

After the news about Lorenzo Insigne being cleared to return to training yesterday, Napoli fans have been given another piece of good news: Camilo Zungia is also back and nearing a return to action.

Out since October with yet another mysterious knee ailment that wouldn't get better, Zuniga has been cleared to return to full training with the rest of the squad, signalling his impending availability for matches once he gets back up to speed and builds up some fitness.

The timing couldn't be much better for Napoli, with Christian Maggio struggling for form and injury and his current backup, Giandomenico Mesto, hasn't exactly impressed in recent matches. Once Zuniga's ready for action again, that will give Napoli two decent-or-better fullbacks on each flank for the first time in approximately the entire span of history. Frankly, no one was sure that was even allowed.

No timetable has been given yet for either Zuniga or Insigne to return to the field, but both would likely need at least a couple of weeks of training to get back up to speed and ready for live matches again.