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Napoli 1, Atalanta 1: Player ratings and Man of the Match poll

These are much more fun to write when the team plays well.

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That match was unpleasant. Napoli played poorly and couldn't punish an Atalanta team that was just begging to give up a ton of goals. It was an uninspiring and unimpressive performance -- but did anyone do well enough to really be called a man of the match with a straight face? That's what we're here for.


Mariano Andujar - 4 - Got beaten like a rented mule by Pinilla, and while that's admittedly not entirely his fault -- seriously, what the hell Henrique? -- it's not like he was especially good the rest of the match either.

Christian Maggio - 5 - Looked unfit and out of form, which isn't exactly surprising, but also not especially pleasing either.

Henrique - 2 - Showed all the awareness of a half-eaten turnip when Pinilla stole the ball from him, left him spinning like a broken top, and scored. Some claim he was fouled -- he wasn't -- but even if Henrique was fouled, his utter lack of any situational awareness was shocking. Oh, and he was pretty crap the rest of the game too, so there's that.

Kalidou Koulibaly - 6 - Looked a little rusty, not shocking after missing a couple matches with an ankle injury, but was decent on a whole. Had to clean up an awful lot of messes thanks to his "partner" in defense.

Miguel Britos - 6 - Did OK. Didn't really screw up. We'll take it.

Gokhan Inler - 4 - Useless in defense, useless in attack, and ran around like a chicken with his head cut off in a rather... well, useless fashion. So. Uh. Yeah.

David Lopez - 6 - Shut down the often-dangerous Maxi Moralez, but struggled to deal with Luca Cigarini's supporting runs for some reason.

Jose Callejon - 6 - Certainly willing and involved, but his final product is so far from being there it hurts.

Manolo Gabbiadini - 5 - Napoli have been trying this thing of having Gabbiadini be the guy in the middle of the attack trying to pull strings and make crap happen, and it just doesn't work. It's not Gabbiadini's fault that it doesn't work, because he's just not that kind of player. It's a bad idea, and trying it over and over again doesn't really help.

Jonathan De Guzman - 3 - I've reached the point where I'll be OK if De Guzman leaves this summer. Outside of his opening day goal and about five weeks of pretty good form in November and December, De Guzman has been more awful than useful. That was the case again today.

Gonzalo Higuain - 5 - Isolated, petulant Pipita is not a good Pipita.


Dries Mertens - 6 - Added energy and some decent passing to an attack that was lacking it, but boy did he get shut down hard by Drame in the last 15 minutes or so of his appearance.

Marek Hamsik - 7 - Here's a shocking concept: if you play a quality playmaker in the spot where such players should be instead of players who don't pass well, good things happen in attack! Maybe someone should pass that memo to Rafa.

Duvan Zapata - 7 - You've got to admire how much heart Zapata has and how much work he puts in to make crap happen. It's easy to say that Napoli don't score without him since he scored the goal, but it was much more about his effort levels and willingness to fight than about his finish.

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Who was your Man of the Match for Napoli against Atalanta? Vote in the poll below and discuss the performances in the comments!