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Napoli 3, Dynamo Moscow 1: Player ratings and Man of the Match poll

A bad start lead to a great finish for Napoli, and one performance stood high above the rest.

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Just 15 minutes in to yesterday's match, all looked lost. Napoli had given up a first-minute goal, Kalidou Koulibaly was hurt, and the squad looked swamped as Dynamo Moscow surged forward again and again. Then the flow of the match changed to a certain striker putting the team on his shoulders and bulldozing everything in sight, and Napoli won handily. But how did the rest of the squad fare? Well, that's what we're here to show you.


Mariano Andujar - 5 - Made a right hash of things on Dynamo's goal, but he was far from the only one to screw that up. Otherwise, made a couple decent saves and was less bad then usual on distribution and high balls, though he still wasn't particularly good at either.

Henrique - 6 -  Committed some really stupid fouls, but was actually quite helpful on helping defend set pieces most of the time. Wasn't much of a factor going forward, but that's just business as usual and not surprising.

Kalidou Koulibaly - n/a - Was one of several guilty parties on Dynamo's goal, then got hurt a few minutes later. Hopefully he's not out for long.

Miguel Britos - 5 - Perhaps the most at-fault for Dynamo's goal, as he bit hard on a bit of movement from Kokorin designed to open space for Kuranyi, who it looked like he was supposed to be marking on the play. Decent but unspectacular otherwise.

Faouzi Ghoulam - 8 - Only consistently good defender on the back line, tying Valbuena in knots all day and getting forward with ease and effectiveness. His cross to set up Higuain's first goal was lovely, and he was a menace going forward all day long. Also drew the foul that got Zobnin his second yellow card, for what that's worth.

Gokhan Inler - 6 - Did a solid job supporting both attack and defense. Wasn't especially flashy, but he got the job done, and that's a sight better than most of his performances this year, though a couple of his fouls were in bad spots.

Jorginho - 7 - HI JORGINHO. God that was nice to see him play well. Was the hub of possession and distributed the ball with his usual efficiency and effectiveness. Defended well, cutting out a fair bit of danger with his positioning and ability to read what's coming. Play him more, Rafa.

Jose Callejon - 4 - Yikes. Callejon wasn't just not on the same page as the rest of the squad, he wasn't even in the same damn library. This is a long run of mostly bad form for him now, and if you're not concerned, you might not even be watching.

Jonathan De Guzman - 4 - The best thing he did all day was put a ball in to the box at an awkward height that Higuain made work because Higuain is really good at making things work. In fact, that was really the only good thing he did all day. Moving on.

Dries Mertens - 8 - Despite his usual norm of slumping in a third straight start, Mertens was energetic and effective all day, keeping the dangerous Kozlov pinned back and regularly creating havoc in the final third. More of this please, Dries.

Gonzalo Higuain - 10 - Scored a hat trick, including a really impressive and difficult shot to finish it off. Napoli probably don't win this match without him.


Raul Albiol - 6 - Did a decent job anchoring the line after Koulibaly went down hurt. Needs to cut out those runs forward quite so often, because they almost never end well and he doesn't have the wheels to get back against the inevitable counter through where he's supposed to be.

Marek Hamsik - 6 - Kept things ticking over and created chances with his usual aplomb, even in limited minutes with the match winding down.

Camilo Zuniga - n/a - Late defensive substitution so didn't get a chance to do much, but it was good just to see him on the pitch again for the first time since October.

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Who was your Man of the Match for Napoli against Dynamo Moscow? Vote in the poll below and discuss the performances in the comments!