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The Serie A title is Higuain's objective at Napoli

With Napoli in the thick of the Scudetto hunt, their leading scorer has his sights set on winning the whole thing.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Another win at home for Napoli has the team keeping pace in the hunt for the Serie A title, just two points out of first place after 12 matches. One of the men most responsible for their strong standing, Gonzalo Higuain, wants to see Napoli do more than just compete for the scudetto this season, though -- he wants to see them win it.

My objective is to win the title with Napoli, as that would make both me and the fans happy. We hope it’s the right year and must continue like this.

-Source: Football Italia

Currently tied atop the Serie A scoring charts with nine goals, Higuain has been vital to getting Napoli to where they are. If they're going to win the title, he's going to need a little more help -- but he's also going to have to keep up the sterling form he's been in the last six weeks or so.

Either way, right now it feels like Napoli actually have a real, genuine chance at winning the scudetto. That's an incredible feeling, and one we haven't really gotten yet in the two years that Higuain has been here, even with how excellent he's been. He's scored a staggering 64 goals since joining Napoli, but with little reward -- this season, though, might just see that frustration turn to elation.