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Cesena fined by Serie A for discriminatory chanting, fans arrested for attacking Napoli fan

Cesena were fined €15,000 for "territoriality discriminating" chants, and multiple fans were arrested after assaulting a Napoli fan who was just trying to get to his car.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

While the match against Cesena on Tuesday was fun to watch, listening to it was, at times, painful. Some groups of the home crowd were less than thrilled with their side's performance in the match, and expressed their discontent throughout the second half with a selection of "greatest hits" chants tailored to be insulting to Napoli and the club's fans.

Someone in Serie A's disciplinary group took notice, and despite the new president of the FIGC saying that he doesn't believe chants like that are offensive or demeaning, Lega Serie A has slapped Cesena with a €15,000 fine for their fans' behavior.

Even worse is news of behavior after the match: two Cesena fans were arrested and charged for assaulting a Napoli fan in the car park after the match. The Napoli fan was still wearing his blue scarf as he walked to his car with his girlfriend, when a group of Cesena fans believed to be part of their Ultras reportedly spotted him, then surrounded him, attacked him, and stole his scarf. Fortunately, the victim escaped without any major injuries, only requiring treatment at the scene.

It's an unfortunate footnote after the match. While Cesena's quality wasn't up to beating Napoli, you certainly can't fault their effort. Their players ran themselves in to the ground and worked as hard as any opponent Napoli has faced to try to get something out of the match, even after the scoreline was long out of their reach. For the behavior of their fans to be so sour in the face of that effort is extremely disappointing. Their club deserves better than that.