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Palermo president worried about the wrath of Napoli

Maurizio Zamparini would rather Napoli had won at the weekend, because he doesn't want to face an angry team.

Tullio M. Puglia

Emotions play a huge role in sports. The highs, the lows, the muddied in between, all have an effect on not just the fans, but on the players as well. Say, for example, your team has just lost two league matches in a row in embarrassing fashion, most of the players will go in to their next match with fire in their eye looking to unleash some tension.

Palermo's president, the outspoken Maurizio Zamparini, is worried about that exact effect, and thinks his side might be walking in to a buzzsaw on Wednesday at the San Paolo. Speaking with Radio Marte, Zamparini told fans that "[i]t would’ve been better for us if Napoli had won at Udinese instead of losing, as now they will be even more determined. I’d be more than happy with a draw tomorrow night."

Seeing Napoli come out with determination and deadly purpose would be wonderful, after how flat and off-kilter they've been in their last two league matches. Hopefully with more of the regular starters rotated back in, Napoli will be able to put some authority on to the match and show fans at the San Paolo what this team can do for once.

Because, let's face it: guys like Zamparini don't publicly admit to feat very often. It'd be nice to give him a reason for that fear, wouldn't it?