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Adding injury to insult: suspected arm fracture for Faouzi Ghoulam

The bad news keeps rolling in for Napoli: it's believed that Faouzi Ghoulam's injury that forced him out of the match is a broken arm.

Giuseppe Bellini

As if things hadn't gotten bad enough for Napoli fans today, things just got a little bit worse:

For those of you who don't speak Italian, that's the club's official Twitter account saying that it's suspected that Faouzi Ghoulam has a fractured arm.

The club's doctors likely haven't had time to run full scans yet, but the suspicion fits in context of what happened to the Algerian left back: he went up to challenge for a ball in the 55th minute, got hit a little and knocked off balance in the air, and came down heavily with his left arm out to brace his fall. Ghoulam immediately displayed a lot of pain and called for a substitution, leading Rafa Benitez to throw on Miguel Britos, which didn't work out well.

If Ghoulam's arm really is broken, he'll likely miss somewhere around two months, a bitter blow to the start of his season and Napoli's defense depth. Hopefully Camilo Zuniga will be preferred at left back in the interim over Britos, but we'll have to see how that works out.

Hopefully Ghoulam has a quick and easy recovery. Gotta feel for him after such bad luck.