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Report: Aurelio De Laurentiis willing to sign off on €50 million summer investment

With Napoli looking at a long list of needs to improve the side, their owner has apparently approved a major expenditure to help things out.

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Some good news in Naples today, as owner Aurelio De Laurentiis has apparently decided that it's time to open his pocketbook and spend big this summer, to the tune of some €50 million that Napoli wouldn't otherwise have available.

Of course, the story isn't quite that simple. Financial Fair Play is a thing, so Napoli can't just blindly spend tens of millions of euros without balancing things out a little. Unless they make the Champions League, such a heavy expenditure won't be viable without making the Champions League unless there's a big player selloff, which would mean Napoli would be spending much of that money just on replacements.

Napoli have done well enough in Financial Fair Play over the last few years that they could probably afford a year of heavy "losses" without incurring any penalties through UEFA's financial regulation process. It's doubtful that they could sustain quite that heavy an expenditure, though, so where the rest of the money comes from is a bit of a mystery right now.

Unless Napoli make the Champions League group stage. That would fix an awful lot of problems. A bucketful of extra transfer cash this summer will help too, because this squad could use it, especially if it's used to buy a defender or four.