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Napoli To Wear Special Kit For Coppa Italia Final

Napoli have unveiled a special kit to be worn in their battle with Fiorentina in Italy's Cup championship.

Let's do this again next month, eh?
Let's do this again next month, eh?
Giuseppe Bellini

Marketing is a huge part of modern football, and the kits worn by the clubs are often at the center of marketing efforts this time of year. While most clubs are busy unveiling what they'll be wearing next year, Napoli have revealed a special one-off kit for the Coppa Italia final next month:

That is a very sharp and handsome kit. It's very similar to the current kit, but the collar is all white with an Italian flag trim instead of the white and blue stripes, plus the blue is a shade more in line with the historical colors with white cuffs. The gold numbers and lettering seem a little presumptuous of winning the Coppa, but it's not the first time they've done something like that.

According to the release on the club's website, there will be a very limited run of these kits available for purchase. Only 1926 will be sold, which just so happens to be the same number as the year the club was formed.

The Final takes place on May 3rd in Rome, and as you all know by now Napoli will be facing Fiorentina in their efforts to win the Coppa Italia. I for one hope to soon see the players wearing these things holding the trophy above their heads.