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Michu has surgery, out two months

We expected this one, but the hits still keep coming for Napoli's attack.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

We found out this was coming earlier in the week, but that doesn't change the fact that it hurts for Napoli: Michu has had surgery on his long-problematic right ankle, and will be out for two months.

Napoli announced the news via a simple statement on their official website:

Today Michu underwent an arthroscopic surgery to trim his right ankle at the Victoria medical institute in Spain.

-Source: Napoli official website

As mentioned previously, this is the second surgery in eleven months on Michu's right ankle. Persistent problems with it cost him dearly at Swansea last season after his breakout the year before, and given the quality of Michu's performances with Napoli (or the lack thereof), it's continued to be a problem in Italy.

Hopefully things work out better for Michu this time around. Napoli need him healthy and playing well again as soon as possible. If that means waiting until almost February for his ankle to get right, so be it, but this squad is going to need him playing well come the end of the season.