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Two lost Napoli players have been found

Gonzalo Higuaín and Raúl Albiol weren't intentionally left behind in Switzerland, so get that thought out of your heads right now.

Paul Gilham

You may have heard stories earlier today about Gonzalo Higuaín and Raúl Albiol getting left behind in Switzerland, implying that Napoli had simply forgotten the two players after losing 2-0 to Young Boys. Perhaps a thought flitted through your mind: considering the recent performances of the two, would it really be that bad if they spent the weekend in Bern? Maybe you even wondered if out-of-control fans had kidnapped them for a little...lecture.

Well, put your mind toward other thoughts (like who might be trusted in defense this weekend) because it turns out that Higuaín and Albiol weren't really left behind. The two both were selected for doping tests, but the rest of the Napoli contingent had to run to the airport, as apparently it closes at 10:30. So arrangements were made for them to take a private flight back to Naples this morning.

Yeah, the imaginations were much more fun than the actual story. But there's still one thing bothering us: just what about either Albiol's or Higuaín's play screamed yeah, this player needs a drug test?