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This is NOT OK: Enraged fans attack, damage Napoli team bus in Switzerland

Fans angered over today's result attacked and damaged the team bus as it left the stadium. Really people? Really?

Hate this man all you want, but there's a line, and a group of fans crossed it today.
Hate this man all you want, but there's a line, and a group of fans crossed it today.
Marco Luzzani

It's one thing to be angry about a result. It's one thing to hate a manager, or particular players. Raging about it in a blog or forum or on Twitter or whatever your medium of choice is on thing, but to take that emotion and turn it in to a physical, violent reaction crosses the line in a big way.

Unfortunately, a group of Napoli fans didn't just cross that line, they sprinted past it without a glance or second thought.

According to reports filtering out of Switzerland, a very large group of Napoli fans waited for the team bus to prepare to leave the stadium, then confronted it as it tried to make its way out. Some simply screamed and yelled and voiced their frustrations, but a large portion of that group took it to another level, attacking the bus and causing a fair amount of damage in the process.

Fortunately there were no injuries reported, just rattled emotions and frayed nerves. That, however, does not change one simple, incontrovertible fact: these actions are completely unacceptable.

Again, it's one thing to be upset or angry by a result like today's. Lord knows I was plenty pissed off by what I saw. But for fans to feel like it's OK or justified to do something like this goes so far beyond the pale of "acceptable behavior" that it's not even on the same map any more. Attacking the team bus isn't being a "super fan" or "Ultra"* or anything else beyond being a thug and a criminal.

*That's a whole other messy kettle of fish to be opened up another time.

Hopefully these fans are identified and punished in some way, for this was a criminal action. Letting them get away unscathed will only invite more such actions in the future, and that's a road no one should want to see us go down. There's ways of dealing with such anger that are much healthier, not just for those around you, but for yourself as well. Succumbing to such blind rage is never the answer.