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Inter Milan 2, Napoli 2: Player ratings and Man of the Match poll

Napoli were disappointing on a whole today, but a few individual performances stood out above the rest.

Was the sterling effort David Lopez put in today enough to win Man of the Match?
Was the sterling effort David Lopez put in today enough to win Man of the Match?
Valerio Pennicino

That was... not a great match. At all. Jose Callejon scored two great goals, but stunk otherwise. The defense crumbled in the biggest moments. Napoli struggled to create many meaningful chances. Two points were thrown away at the death.

Still, there were some individual performances worth noting. David Lopez in particular impressed today, doing excellent work in all phases of the match for Napoli. The team effort, though, was sorely wanting, and Napoli are left with more questions than answers ahead of the midweek Europa League tie. For now, though, it's time to take stock and see how each player performed on the day.


Rafael Cabral - 7 - Not much he could do on Inter's goals, but Rafael was absolutely huge earlier in the match. Made several good saves, and continued to show marked improvement on crosses and general command of his area.

Camilo Zuniga - 6 - So-so match from Zuniga. Didn't have much of a problem with Inter's attack, but also didn't do enough to help Napoli's.

Raul Albiol - 4 - Albiol just can't quite get going this season. Struggled badly with Icardi in the first half, then two brain farts (along with Inler switching off) helped gift Inter a pair of equalizing goals.

Kalidou Koulibaly - 5 - Apparently Koulibaly can't be perfect all the time. He didn't really do much wrong, per se, but he clearly was not up to his usual standards.

Miguel Britos - 4 - Horrible, awful, no good, very bad. Britos got hurt early, then made the inexplicable judgement to wave off the trainers' call for a substitution. Given how poorly Britos moved and defended after the injury, that was absolutely the wrong decision, though it was complicated by Rafa Benitez deciding to leave him on for 74 minutes.

Gokhan Inler - 4 - A mediocre performace from Inler was made worse by not tracking Fredy Guarin on Inter's first goal, then letting Hernanes slip free for their second. Between that and yet more wasteful shooting from range, perhaps it's time for Inler to get well acquainted with the bench for awhile.

David Lopez - 8 - Easily his best match in a Napoli shirt, and that was without his picture-perfect cross over Inter's defense to feed Callejon's second goal. Very tidy in possession, broke up several attacks that would have been dangerous, and generally made his presence felt in the way that a proper ball-winning midfielder should. This kid has a promising future.

Jose Callejon - 7 - Scored two absolutely massive goals, but otherwise was very, very poor on the night. Deserves full credit for seeing and taking his chances, but at best he was anonymous the rest of the match, and at his worst was a liability.

Marek Hamsik - 5 - Hamsik really just wasn't quite himself today, as two of his three forward options were ineffective, one was marked more heavily as the match went on, and Inter attacked him aggressively throughout his hour on the pitch. Hamsik got a couple good shots and passes off, but this wasn't really a day to remember for him.

Lorenzo Insigne - 6 - Lorenzo played well on a whole, as he was Napoli's best (read: only effective) attacking player in the first half, and was brilliant tracking back in defense. That miss early in the second half was a killer, though.

Gonzalo Higuain - 4 - Awful stuff from Higuain. He was petulant at every non-call, and frankly should have been sent off at least twice for it. When he did get chances in front of goal, he didn't take advantage. Unlike most matches that he struggles with finishing, Higuain did nothing to help build up play or create chances in front of goal. Bad day at the office.


Jorginho - 6 - Tidy in possession and sent in some good passes, including feeding David Lopez to help set up the second goal.

Dries Mertens - 5 - One good run in attack, but was otherwise kind of anonymous, and didn't do well defensively.

Faouzi Ghoulam - 6 - Good going forward, stifled moves from Kovacic and Mbaye in defense, and was generally pretty tidy. Should have been on at least an hour before he was finally brought in. Heck, he should have started over Britos.

Who was your Man of the Match for Napoli today? Vote in the poll below, and discuss it in the comments!