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Watch Gonzalo Higuain stun the San Paolo with this fantastic strike

Napoli have a 1-0 lead over Palermo because Gonzalo Higuain is a god in human form.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Napoli ran rampant on Palermo in the first half on Wednesday, but finding that last pass and shot proved tricky. Gonzalo Higuain doesn't care about "tricky," though, because he is the God Of Wrathful Goals.

Credit: r/soccer

Look at the pace and drive on that shot, all the more impressive since it basically came on the run. Higuain took a little half-step to kind of set himself, but otherwise was just about at full-steam-ahead. He's just not fair sometimes.

Sadly there's no audio, so you can't hear the three or four beats of "... wait, did that just happen? Holy crap that just happened. HOLY CRAP!" from the stands. The fans were as stunned by that goal as Palermo was. That's how you know a goal is fantastic.