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Watch Gonzalo Higuain's thunderous half-volley goal against Chievo Verona

This incredible strike was exactly what Napoli needed.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli had been struggling to find a breakthrough against Chievo Verona, and needed a moment of magic in order to find their way. Who better to provide that magic than Gonzalo Higuain?

That is just a fantastic strike. The service from Faouzi Ghoulam is also excellent, but my god that finish is so perfect and instinctual, and struck so much harder than it looks at first blush. Look at Bizzarri's hands: he actually gets them up to try to block the shot, but the shot just blasts through them.

Really, if you can make the other team's fans chant your name after scoring a goal, you know you did damn well. That goal was just brilliant.

(h/t to GazzettaWorld for the Vine)