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The Napoli calendar shoot looks as weird and fun as ever

Last year it was Romans and gladiators. This year its... its... well, see for yourself.

SSC Napoli

The Napoli calendar shoot has become something of a date to watch for since it's inception nine years ago. The club's exercises in the fun and bizarre have lead not just Napoli fans to eagerly anticipate the images we get, but fans around Serie A as well, as by this point everyone wants to know what that weird club in Naples is up to.

Well, if the image above is any indication, it's going to be as strange and entertaining as ever.

Yes, that's Gonzalo Higuain done up in an eyepatch-included costume that makes him look like a villain from a James Bond movie. The picture is from the second day of shooting, which also included Pepe Reina and David Lopez done up in a similar theme, with Raul Albiol looking pensive and Vlad Chiriches looking eager as they wait to see their wardrobes. There's also Elseid Hysaj looking really excited to be wearing a chef's smock. Like, wow dude. It's just a fancy kind of coat.

The first day was last week, with a bit of of a classical, kind of old-world-French theme to it, exemplified by this amazing picture of Lorenzo Insigne.

insigne napoleon

Photo credit: SSC Napoli

Yes, that's Insigne dressed up as Napoleon. I'm calling him the Little General from now on, and damn anyone who says different.

The first day's shoot also featured Marek Hamsik, Dries Mertens, and Manolo Gabbiadini around a feast table, with Allan standing by as, again, a chef. There seems to be a food theme going on here.

There's no word yet on when the calendar will be released, but it's generally been available by the first week of December.

I love this team.