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Napoli's calendar just got weirder

We've seen some pretty weird shots so far, but these might take the cake.

"What else can I do to screw with peoples' heads..."
"What else can I do to screw with peoples' heads..."
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

We already know from past years that Napoli's calendar is a little on the strange side. This year has certainly been a continuation of that theme, but the latest crop of pictures coming from the players' photoshoots for the calendar certainly seem to have taken things up a notch.

In past days, we've gotten Allan the chef, Gonzalo Higuain the one-eyed Bond villain, Lorenzo Insigne the Napoleon wannabe, Manolo Gabbiadini the violin soloist -- it might actually be a viola given the size, which would make me happy as a violist, but I can't see the instrument well enough to be certain -- and Dries Mertens: Medieval Feast Enjoyer. The pictures we saw from the third day of shooting were a little boring, and some of the fourth day shots are a little underwhelming as well -- but then we got this.


Photo credit: SSC Napoli

Is... is Jose Callejon supposed to be Santa? And what's going on with Higuain here? He's also wearing a Santa-ish hat, but is only wearing a wifebeater instead of the full festive outfit. I don't... I don't understand. My brain hurts.

Napoli also gave us this oddball gem on Monday:

For some reason, the officer's-jacket-plus-mohawk thing kinda works for Marekiaro. No, I don't get it either.

The full set of pictures from the calendar shoots so far has been put together by Napoli on their official site. There's a gem of a picture of Christian Maggio from the first day that we missed down near the bottom.