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Gonzalo Higuain "responding well" to the demands and goals of Maurizio Sarri

Despite uncertainty as to how well Gonzalo Higuain would get along with Napoli's new manager, his agent claims that everything is going very well.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

When Maurizio Sarri was hired, there was a lot of concern among the Napoli fanbase over his experience. Not just because he didn't have much top-flight experience, but  because he had no experience with big players, and may not have the chops to maintain their respect and attention. Of particular concern was how his relationship with Gonzalo Higuain would develop, as the Argentine striker can often be volatile out on the pitch and hasn't always been regarded as easy to coach.

Turns out, maybe we shouldn't have been worried.

Pipita is off to a torrid start under Sarri, shaking off a poor opening match against Sassuolo to score five goals for Napoli since then, including braces against Lazio and Sampdoria, as well as what wound up as the winning goal against Juventus. He's been playing very well for Napoli, and seems to have adapted well to what his new manager is looking for.

Heck, even Higuain's agent-slash-brother Nicolas, who has rarely had nice things to say about Napoli over the last year, is speaking well of their relationship.

[Higuain is] happy with Sarri. Everyone wants to play football, and the important thing is that he’s calm, he’s realized what Sarri wants and now he just has to remain calm and focused.

It’s been a major change and he’s responding well to the demands of the coach. If Napoli play like they’ve been playing they can also win on Thursday, and get an important victory at Milan.

Gonzalo is doing the maximum with Sarri. The Coach has imparted his ideas to the players, and they’ve understood them perfectly. If the rest of the team integrates as well as Allan and [Elseid] Hysaj they can get to the top.

-Source: Radio CRC
Translation via Football Italia

It's definitely good that Higuain is adjusting to Sarri so well, because a happy and settled Higuain is much, much better for Napoli than the alternative. As long as Napoli can keep him happy and keep him working hard, this team can go a long ways.