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Napoli deny controversial Higuain quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo

The magazine "Don Balon" published some inflammatory quotes attributed to Gonzalo Higuain, but Napoli say that Pipita never even talked to them.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

On Sunday, Napoli fans were greeted to reports of Gonzalo Higuain quotes published in a Spanish magazine called "Don Balon." The magazine claimed to have asked Higuain about Cristiano Ronaldo and Pipita's Real Madrid departure. They claim that Higuain called Ronaldo an "egomaniac," and went on to add these gems:

Ronaldo is overrated, with [Lionel] Messi there is no comparison. I left Madrid in order to not play with him any more; Cristiano gets angry if you did not pass him the ball. If he does not always say that you are great, then you are not his friend.

-Source: Corriere dello Sport

That's, uh... wow. "Inflammatory" doesn't quite do that justice. It's shocking to see such quotes attributed to Higuain, who has a strong bond to Real Madrid and would seemingly never say anything remotely like this about someone associated with the team. That said, Ronaldo does have a well-established history of really pissing people off, so maybe it could be true?

Not so fast, because Napoli responded quickly and firmly.

About the alleged statements attributed to Gonzalo Higuain and reported by the magazine "Don Balon", Napoli and the striker categorically deny ever he has been granted an interview with "Don Balon".

Therefore the quotes attributed to Higuain are considered false and without any foundation.

-Source: SSC Napoli official site

Well, that makes sense. A tabloid-y magazine making up hostile quotes in order to get a big reaction and, presumably, attract lots of eyeballs? Yeah, that's shocking. Never happened before, right?


At least this got dealt with quickly. Don't need crap like this hanging around for zero reason.