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Serie A launching new streaming service in Italy

Italy's top league is launching it's own internet streaming service for three matches a week.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Serie A is taking something of an exciting step in their efforts to draw more eyeballs to Italian matches: they're starting their own in-house streaming service to watch Serie A matches online.

At least to start with, the service is going to be fairly limited, with just three matches shown during each round of Serie A play, but that could easily be expanded if the product is successful. For their part, the league seems very excited about the new service:

This is an engaging and interactive product, designed especially for the young and for those who enjoy watching football and simultaneously interacting with new technologies. It is a more dynamic method, an additional option offered to fans to follow the matches of the Serie A TIM.

-Lega Serie A president Maurizio Beretta
Source: Lega Serie A official site

From now until September 28th, a period that covers the next three rounds of Serie A matches thanks to a midweek fixture, access to the streamed matches will be free through the existing Serie A smartphone app and, it appears, through their website as well. Starting in October, however, those who want to watch have to either pay €2 per match to watch, or spent €3.99 to get access to all three.

The release doesn't say if access to the streaming content is region-locked at all, but given that the league only announced it on the Italian side of their official site, with nothing on the English translation version, it's likely that the content will only be available in Italy.

No Napoli matches will be shown during the free period -- though Juventus, Milan, Inter, Udinese, and Genoa are all on twice each -- and the schedule of matches to be shown after that has not yet been released.