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Napoli sign Jorginho to new contract until 2020

The new deal ties Jorginho to Napoli for an additional two years past the contract he was on.

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It's official: Napoli and Jorginho have agreed to a new contract, one that will keep him in Naples until 2020.

There's no official word on the impact of this deal on Jorginho's wages, other than reports that they have been "improved" in the new deal. His wages weren't especially high before -- his old contract reportedly paid him some €600,000 per season, or roughly €11,500 per week -- so Napoli could easily afford to double or even triple the Brazilian's wages without financial hardship or remotely risk overpaying him.

Jorginho has had something of a tumultuous career with Napoli since joining from Hellas Verona just shy of two years ago, in January 2014. He enjoyed a strong start, helping Napoli lift the Coppa Italia with a goal in the final, but he also looked wildly out of sorts for most of last season when asked to play a more strictly defensive role by Rafa Benitez, rather than his more naturally-suited deeper playmaking duties.

Maurizio Sarri recognized this, however, and restored Jorginho to a regista-like role after replacing Benitez this summer. He started out on the bench behind new signing Mirko Valdifiori, who had played for Sarri at Empoli, but the Italian's early struggles opened the door for Jorginho to start and show how his progress had gone -- and he hasn't looked back since.

Jorginho's successes and high quality this season have been at the heart of Napoli's success, and given that he only just turned 24 this month, it's easy to be excited about his future. Tying him up to a long term deal is a smart decision by Napoli, and hopefully Jorginho rewards them with even more excitement and success in the years to come.