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Manolo Gabbiadinni to stay at Napoli and will be offered new contract

Get paid, son.

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With Manolo Gabbiadini only getting sporadic playing time this season after a summer full of transfer rumors around the young Italian strikers, many Napoli fans have wondered how long he's going to be at Napoli. Now, though, after Gabbi scored a brace in each of his last two Europa League matches, Aurelio De Laurentiis is ready to make sure the Italian international stays put.

That's only good news for Napoli -- Gabbiadini is a fantastic talent now, both as a rotation option and a game-changing substitute, but his true value lies over the next several seasons. At 23 years old -- 24 later this month -- Gabbiadini still has plenty of improvement left to make, especially as he's been something of a late bloomer in his career. With Gonzalo Higuain's future with Napoli still somewhat uncertain, having someone with both Gabbiadini's current skill and his potential upside already locked up long-term is huge.

So go get paid, Manolo Gabbiadini. Stay at Napoli for the best years of your career. Become the star you can be. This is the place for you to grow and launch a fantastic career.