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Omar El Kaddouri condemns Paris attacks

Napoli's Moroccan midfielder is horrified and outraged over the horrible events that rocked Paris on Friday.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

On Friday, horror struck the world as Paris was attacked by terrorists bent on creating fear and pain. Over 120 people were killed, and more than 300 more injured in the attacks. The group that took credit for the attacks purports itself to be the voice of Islam and Muslims everywhere, but Napoli midfielder Omar El Kaddouri joined the millions of Muslims around the world decrying their actions:

His words, for those who don't speak Italian or French:

Last night, humanity was attacked by fanatical murderers. They have nothing to do with Islam, and with we Muslims! Those who are now disseminating messages of racism toward the whole Islamic community perhaps don’t understand anything about what Islam really is.

#PrayforParis and #NotInMyName

Well said, Omar. That "organization" is fueled by hatred, not religion. Peace is what we need. Not hatred. Not retribution. Not revenge. Peace. We must come together, not further divide ourselves -- that's exactly what that group wants to see happen.

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