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Three international matches for Napoli fans to watch this weekend

With no Napoli action this weekend, we've got you covered as far as figuring out what to watch.

Julian Finney

International breaks can be hard as a club football fan. It's rough for us who cover clubs because holy crap there is no news worth talking about some days, but even as a fan with no obligations, it's tough to know what to watch.

Fortunately, we're here for you. If you want three matches to watch this weekend with ties to Napoli, then these are the three for you.

Spain v. Belarus - Euro 2016 qualifying - Nov. 15th - 8:45 PM CET, 2:45 PM EST - TV & Streaming

There's one reason to watch this match: Jose Callejon. Well, Raul Albiol is in the squad too, but he's not likely to play and the potential for Callejon's senior international debut is why Napoli fans will want to watch this match. Ziggy has a good chance of being a big part in the transformation that the Spanish squad needs to undergo so it can stop being as predictable as they've become over the last year. Teams have figured out how to disrupt how they play, but a direct presence like Callejon's could help break that tactic up to at least some extent. While Belarus won't be the sternest test for Spain's new look, it will be a good opponent to use to bed in some of the several new players in the squad.

Italy v. Croatia - Euro 2016 qualifying - Nov 16th - 8:45 PM CET, 2:45 PM EST - TV & Streaming

No Napoli players in this match. Poor Lorenzo... but still, as good Napoli fans, many of us are also fans of the Italian national team. Italy and Croatia are tied atop their European Championship qualifying group, with Croatia holding a goal differential advantage. In point of fact, Croatia has scored more goals than anyone else in the group and has yet to allow a goal in their three qualifiers. That means that this will be Italy's toughest match yet of the group by far, but still Antonio Conte elected to get experimental with this squad. How he works the likes of Mario Balotelli, Alessio Cerci, and Roberto Soriano in to his setup will be interesting to see play out.

Uganda v. Ghana - AFCON qualifying - Nov 15th - 4:00 PM EAT, 8:00 AM EST - TV & Streaming

No, there's no Napoli players in this match either. Before you get confused, though, let me tell you who is in this match: Andre Ayew. Ayew has been a transfer target for Napoli for almost a year, and is reportedly their number one option to come in this winter to help fill the void left by Lorenzo Insigne. He's long been one of the main pieces in Ghana's squad, and he'll be expected to help lead Ghana to a qualification-securing win to get them to the African Cup of Nations tournament this winter. Given the high-pressure nature of this match, this could be a good chance for Napoli fans to see what Ayew can do under testing conditions.