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Espresso with the Enemy: Questions and answers with rival blogs

Taking a rivals’ eye view with Serpents of Madonnina

We talk with SB Nation’s Inter Milan site manager.

Chatting with Viola Nation ahead of Coppa Italia clash with Fiorentina

Who better to talk about a match than someone who covers the team you’re facing?

An Inter Q&A with Serpents of Madonnina

With Napoli facing a huge match on Friday, we have some questions we wanted answered.

Espresso with the Enemy: 3 Q's with Viola Nation

It's time to renew our friendly rivalry with one of the more fun SB Nation Soccer blogs around.

Scouting Villarreal from the other side

We got a scouting report on Napoli's Europa League foes from the SB Nation blog who cover them.

Espresso With The Enemy: Chatting about Juventus

Black & White & Red All Over comes wandering over to chat about this weekend's match, which we're told is important.

Espresso with the enemy: Talking to Inter Offside

It's time to get information on Napoli's rivals for Monday's match as they try to knock Inter Milan out of first place in Serie A.

Post-match Q&A: One more chat with Viola Nation

We've been hearing from Viola Nation a lot in the buildup to this match, so it only made sense to talk with them one last time afterwards.

View from the other side: A Fiorentina opinion

We're joined again by Fiorentina blog Viola Nation, this time by the lady who runs the show there: Chloe Beresford.

Rival Q&A with Fiorentina blog Viola Nation

Another big match is coming up, so we have another question and answer session with a writer in the know.

Rival Q&A with Milan blog the AC Milan Offside

A huge match is barreling towards us, so it's time to learn a little bit more about who Napoli are playing.

Rival Q&A on Legia Warsaw

Just who are Napoli playing in the Europa League this week? We asked the questions and got you the answers.

Rival Q&A: Juventus blog BWRAO

With a match against Juventus looming, it's time to sit down with our favorite Old Lady blogger and see what's up in Turin.

Rival Q&A with Juventus blog BWRAO

Danny Penza from our sister SBN blog Black & White & Read All Over answers some questions for us ahead of Napoli's big match against the Old Lady.

Three Questions with Viola Nation

With this weekend's tilt against Fiorentina fast approaching, it's time again to sit down with a fellow SB Nation blog. Today we chat with Viola Nation, our friends and fellow suffering Serie A denizens.

Q&A: Talking to Chiesa Di Totti post-match

After today's Derby del Sole, we sat down with our sister blog Chiesa Di Totti and talked a little bit about the match.

Know Your Rival: A Q&A with Barca Blaugranes

With a high-profile match on the way, we sat down with Arron Duckling from our sister blog Barca Blaugranes.