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Napoli's Co-Ownerships All But Resolved; Armero and Cigarini Out, Jorginho Extended, El Kaddouri Brought Back

With co-ownership all but over in Italy, Napoli are working to resolve as many of their co-owned players' situations as possible.

Giuseppe Bellini

We talked at length about co-ownership going away when the FIGC announced that it was ending the process last month, and with this summer's deadline to avoid blind bidding come and gone, Napoli have taken care of all but three of their co-ownership arrangements.

The most important of them all, Jorginho, has been renewed for another year as Napoli and Hellas Verona agreed to delay the final decision until the last summer they'll have to do so. Jorginho had an immensely successful first season in Serie A, leading Verona to a much better start than anyone had expected after being promoted to Serie A, then became a key cog in Napoli's midfield in the second half of the season.

Jorginho's agent said in a radio interview that the decision was "as planned," and indicated he felt that another successful spell with Napoli could see him get a callup to the Italian national team. He also seemed to feel that Jorginho prefers to operate in a midfield three as he did with Verona, but it's hard to argue with the quality of his results as part of a midfield pivot under Rafa Benitez.

Another higher-profile move was the decision to sell their remaining half of Luca Cigarini's rights to Atalanta, finally putting an end to a drawn-out saga with the midfielder. The fee was undisclosed but is likely small after several years of loan fees and Atalanta's half-purchase of Cigarini last summer. Cigarini is good and would have been worth having around, but the original split between he and Napoli wasn't especially pretty, and bringing him back into the family was never a likely scenario.

Another pair of decisions came as something of a surprise, as both moves had initially been described as full purchases, not co-ownerships. Pablo Armero has been bought in full by Udinese, who will soon be determining his future. It would have made more sense for Napoli to retain him to get whatever transfer fee is coming for him, but Riccardo Bigon may have felt it was wiser to take what he could get from Udinese now and not risk the market for Armero drying up and being stuck with him once clubs remember that he isn't very good.

The other is next year's backup Mariano Andujar, who was bought in January and loaned back to Catania for the rest of the season. The exact terms of his sale were never terribly clear, but now it's been revealed to be a co-ownership as well, as the two clubs agreed to renew their arrangement, leaving the decision to next year. Given the current fluidity of Napoli's goalkeeping situation, that decision makes complete sense.

A more straightforward resolution is that of Omar El Kaddouri, who Napoli bought back  the full rights to. The Moroccan international had a successful season with Torino, and by some reports it's expected that he'll be loaned back there to keep getting good playing time for another year, especially with the Turin-based side headed to the Europa League after Parma were denied a UEFA licence by the FIGC.

From available information, Napoli have just one player going to blind bids, as they failed to come to terms with Avellino for central defender Armando Izzo. Izzo had a successful campaign with the Serie B side, starting 30 league matches and netting a goal. At 22 he still has some development headroom left to him, but it's hard to see the club spending too much to try and get him back as his potential doesn't look to be at the level of the likes of Kalidou Koulibaly, who is coming in to be part of the future of the position of the club.