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Paolo Cannavaro Wants Sassuolo Stay

After helping Sassuolo stay in Serie A, Paolo Cannavaro wants to stay there and help them find further success.

Claudio Villa

Paolo Cannavaro spent the second half of the season with Sassuolo after falling out with new manager Rafa Benitez over not being part of the Spaniard's plans for Napoli. He adjusted well to life at the bottom of the table, and was a big part of Sassuolo managing to claw their way to safety at the end of the season, helping lead a defense that had been miserable for much of the season.

Now, with his loan expiring, Cannavaro sounds like he wants to stay with the club he helped keep in Serie A.  "There is great satisfaction that we have achieved a goal against all odds," he told Sky Sports Italia. "There's pride by to all those who participated in the salvation."

He went on to imply that he already is working on a contract with Sassuolo. That might be jumping the gun a bit as there's been no indication of negotiations between Sassuolo and Napoli for the former partenopei captain, but they're the logical destination for Cannavaro. 

While it's sad to see Cannavaro officially leaving, at least Napoli fans can take solace in the fact that he'll be going somewhere he wants to be and where he'll be every bit as appreciated as he was here. He gave this club and this city a lot in his career, and it'll be good to see him sign off on his career on a high note if he can help Sassuolo to further success.