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Relax, Napoli's Spaniards aren't going anywhere

If Pepe Reina, Raul Albiol, and Jose Callejon want to leave Napoli, they forgot to tell their agent.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Within days of Napoli's season coming to an end, there was a plethora of rumors surrounding three of the Spaniards in the team. With ages rising, contracts winding down, and potential suitors seemingly lining up, it could make sense for Napoli to sell any of Pepe Reina, Jose Callejon, or Raul Albiol -- or even all three of them under the right circumstances -- but if you listen to their agent, no such thing is happening.

According to Manuel Garcia Quilon, who represents all three players, neither the Spanish trio nor Napoli are interested in their departure, not with the Champions League beckoning. Even with Barcelona and Liverpool supposedly both beckoning for Reina -- even though Liverpool already bought one goalkeeper this summer -- the veteran netminder wants to continue his journey in Italy, as do his countrymen who came from Real Madrid alongside Gonzalo Higuain three years ago.

In fact, according to Quilon, not only do Napoli want to keep all three players, there are apparently offers on the table for extensions for both Albiol and Callejon, though he says that terms have yet to be agreed. Even despite "continued" efforts by Valencia to land Albiol, Napoli won't budge, preferring to keep the trio that Maurizio Sarri leaned on so heavily intact for next season, even though age and new purchases may force their role to change somewhat.

While some fans hope that Albiol and Callejon see more of the bench next season, and that Napoli sign a more likely heir to Reina who can push him for playing time sooner rather than later, this news is only good for the club. Having their veteran presence in the squad in any capacity will help keep squad cohesion high, and that's vitally important coming into a Champions League campaign. And if Napoli can improve on their talents in the starting lineup, well, all three players would make damn good reserves to have on the bench.