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Napoli reportedly plan bold and pricey attempt to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic

With the Swedish striker's contract running out, there's a chance to bring him in that Napoli apparently intend to try to seize.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most talented strikers of the modern era of soccer, and though he's getting on in age he's shown this season that he's still got plenty of good play left in the tank. His contract at Paris Saint-Germain is about to run out, however, leading to something of a potential arms race for teams trying to secure his signature for next season -- and Napoli are trying to put themselves at the head of the line.

We already know that Zlatan apparently would love to end his career with Napoli, and a Swedish journalist with close ties of Ibrahimovic earlier said that Napoli would be a team he'd be interested in joining this summer if given the option. Now in the wake of that report comes an indication that Napoli might be putting together a very, very lucrative offer to try to tempt the nefarious striker to Naples.

According to those reports, Napoli are willing to offer Zlatan a contract with a base value of a stunning €8 million per year, with another €2 million in incentives for winning the Serie A title. While actually a step back in wages from what Zlatan makes with PSG, that would by far be the highest salary in the Napoli squad -- Gonzalo Higuain is the runaway top-paid player right now at a comparatively paltry €5.5 million per year.

That offer pales in comparison to a rumored offer from a Chinese team, believed to be worth a total of some €75 million. The same Swedish reporter that said Zlatan would like to go to Napoli also said that he'd be very unlikely to go to China, however, while also ruling out moves to Major League Soccer in the United States or a return to AC Milan.

The controversial Swede signing with Napoli would still be a long shot, and might not even work out all that well -- but man, it could be a whole lot of fun to see what happens.