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Napoli considering increased Wolfsburg bid for Gabbiadini

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Wolfsburg have increased their offer for little-used striker Manolo Gabbiadini to €27m and the Partenopei are said to now be consdering it, according to reports. Previous bids by the Bundesliga club had been dismissed but the increased offer may be too much for Napoli to turn down considering the limited role that Gabbiadini has played for the club this season.

Gabbiadini's appearances have been limited due to the tactical preferences of new manager Maurizio Sarri -- as well as the unbelievable form of Gonzalo Higuain -- but he has still shown the ability to score when given opportunities. In fifteen appearances this season the young forward has bagged six goals, including four in four Europa League appearances. He's also their only real option as a backup either at striker or on the right wing thanks to Napoli's fairly thin depth up front.

Napoli had reportedly previously turned down a €25m bid from Wolfsburg for Gabbiadini but the increased fee reportedly has the club considering the sale. The deciding factor at this point may be the short amount of time left in the winter transfer window to find a suitable replacement as the sale of Gabbiadini -- limited appearances aside -- which would leave the squad dangerously thin at the forward position going into their remaining Europa League and Serie A schedule.

What do you think? Should Napoli go through with the valuable sale of a player whose been used so irregularly? Or would doing so leave the squad too thin going into the remaining set of league and European fixtures?