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Napoli lose Ciro Immobile to Torino

The Naples-born striker is Turin-bound once more.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Sadly, any hopes that this would be the transfer window when Ciro Immobile would come home have been quashed: Torino have agreed terms with Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla for Immobile's loan at the latter club to end, and to move to Turin for the rest of the season on loan with an option to buy.

It's unfortunate for Napoli, who could have used a striker of Immobile's talent to bolster the front line, but perhaps it makes good sense for him to go to Torino instead -- Immobile has designs on a place in the Italy squad at Euro 2016, and he'd get much more playing time with the granata than he would with Napoli. It hurts to admit that he'd be better off somewhere other than his home town, but frankly, that's the truth.

The deal is for a little less than €1 million up front with an €11 million purchase option for next summer. That's a number that Napoli could easily beat, but it shouldn't be surprising that they're apparently not going to right now -- despite the need up front, they've been focused more on midfield and defense this winter. The complexity of the move -- with having to get his loan at Sevilla cancelled and then move him from Dortmund -- was probably also something of a turnoff for Cristiano Giuntoli and company.

It's sad to see Immobile headed somewhere else, but at least he seems to be going to a situation that will work well for him for now. The door is far from closed that he'll pull on a Napoli shirt some day.