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Napoli still trying to sign Matteo Darmian, but others join the race

Napoli's chances of signing the Torino right back are looking awfully slim right now after Roma and Manchester United entered the race, and with Bayen Munich still lurking.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

One of Napoli's more obvious priorities this summer has been to get a right back. One of the best in Italy has been the focus of their attention in that regard, targeting Torino fullback and Italy international Matteo Darmian. The trouble is, the granata want quite a lot of money for him, and Napoli have supposedly been trying to work more creative solutions to get a deal done without spending quite so much.

Now, though, they're going to have to pick up their efforts, because more teams are entering the race for Darmian, and they're not teams Napoli will be able to hang with easily.

Not only have AS Roma joined the fray, to the annoyance of all Napoli fans, but a couple of European teams with deep pockets have as well. Both English giants Manchester United and the seemingly unstoppable titans of Germany in Bayern Munich are after Darmian as well, with Manchester already having a bid rejected.

These are both teams that can throw ridiculous amounts of money around without breaking a sweat. They can pay the €20 million Torino want for Darmian with ease and offer him higher wages than any Italian team save maybe Juventus would be willing to. They're also teams that almost any player of Darmian's level would love to play for if they make a serious offer that gets accepted.

Suffice to say, if Manchester United and Bayern Munich are really, truly involved in pursuing Darmian -- Napoli aren't getting him. Sorry guys. At least they have a pretty good backup option they're working on in Sime Vrsaljko.