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Official: Walter Gargano joins Monterrey in €1.5 million transfer

Gargano is officially a member of Los Rayados.

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It's time to close the book on the Napoli career of Walter Gargano, as he has officially signed with Liga MX side CF Monterrey.

There's really not a lot left to say about the transfer at this point. We've talked up quite a bit about how this is a good move for Gargano, how he suits Los Rayados and Liga MX much better than Napoli and Serie A at this point in his career. Hopefully it all works out as well as it can for him.

Frankly, it's the fee that's the most interesting thing right now. €1.5 million isn't a huge fee, but it's also not an inconsiderable chunk of change for Monterrey to spend. To be honest, when it was announced that Gargano was flying to Mexico to join the Rayados, I'd expected to hear that he'd been released from his contract not long after so that he could sign there on a free. Getting an actual, tangible, useful fee for him is a very pleasant surprise.

Good luck in Mexico, Walter. I think most of the Napoli fanbase will be quietly pulling for you and Monterrey in the Apertura season.