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Arsenal rumor indicates Edu Vargas doesn't have Napoli future

Oh what could have been. Instead, Arsenal will likely get another shiny new toy. Shame.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The rumor mill is a cruel mistress. Apparently Arsenal and Napoli are discussing a deal that would see the Gunners sign Eduardo Vargas, ending the Chilean forward's time with Napoli that saw him hardly ever play for the partenopei, spending the last two and a half years on loan.

Apparently Maurizio Sarri didn't get our letter.

The deal would be for a reported €16 million, a healthy sum likely boosted by his strong Copa America performance, where he stands as the leading scorer of the South American international tournament. Vargas would be joining Chile teammate Alexis Sanchez in London, who supposedly has been very supportive of the potential deal, wanting to partner up with his buddy at club level as well as internationally.

While it's entirely possible that this rumor is crap -- rumors often are after all -- there's a lot of reason to think that it's legit. Arsenal supposedly considered bringing Vargas in last summer, and he still makes sense as a rotation option for the Gunners, not to mention his chemistry with their best attacker in Sanchez.

Even if Arsenal aren't interested, though, considering the fact that every rumor involving Vargas has him leaving the club -- including yet another Torino swap deal to get Darmian -- and that apparently neither Vargas nor his agent have heard from Napoli lately, it really doesn't sound like the club has any particular plans to keep the forward.

That's just a shame. Oh, what could have been.