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Luigi Sepe set for Fiorentina loan

There's a loan in place for Sepe to go to Fiorentina to start next season, but he still hasn't committed to making the switch.

Enrico Locci/Getty Images

We've been hearing off and on about Luigi Sepe potentially heading to Fiorentina on loan for the season for a couple of weeks now, but it looks like rumor could very soon become a reality. According to Sepe's agent, the loan is all but completed, with the biggest hurdle remaining being Sepe actually agreeing to it:

The negotiations with Fiorentina for Sepe have been going on for over a month and will be concluded within days. We are finding the right balance to suit everyone, then Sepe will have the final word on whether he wants to stay at Napoli or go and play in Florence.

All players are volatile and change their minds constantly, but he will 99 per cent be a Fiorentina player. This is likely to be a straight loan, as Fiorentina want Sepe to play in the first team.

Fiorentina is a crucial stage to understand if my client can become a top club goalkeeper.

-Source: Tuttonapoli

Fiorentina are reportedly prepared to pay an €800,000 loan fee to take Sepe on for the season, where he would likely supplant Ciprian Tatarusanu as their starting goalkeeper, after the Romanian disappointed in most of his appearances last season. If the viola are willing to guarantee Sepe starter's minutes, it would be the best move for him and his development as a player, and for Napoli's long-term future as well.

Maurizio Sarri has apparently waged a quiet campaign to keep him around and give him a chance as a starter after Sepe starred for Sarri at Empoli last season, but this summer's investment in Pepe Reina made the chances of that happening minimal. It would be good to keep Sepe around as Reina's backup -- though I admit that may be driven by my personal misgivings about Reina -- but it would be better to let him play more often at as high a level as possible, and Fiorentina offer a fairly high level, including Europa League play.